Which is better: Mercedes E500 W124 or BMW 540i E34?

December 20, 2014 at 15:25

Passport data of BMW 540i is really impressive, but how it will show itself in a comparative test drive with more powerful and Mercedes E500 W124? To be honest, from the very beginning did not believe in the victory of the “five hundredth.” Its additional 34 horses looked not convincing enough in combination with excess of 100 kg and “ancient” 4-speed automatic. Inspection of salons of testing cars showed a lot of interesting things. To say there is not a classical interior Mercedes W124, but the interior of the car of 90s it draws not so, and the role of exquisite retro lack of natural wood and chrome. Without all this it’s just another Mercedes of eighties without feeling emotion inherent in earlier models, but with a verified ergonomics and impeccable build quality.

BMW 540i E34 pics

BMW 540i E34 picture

If the “antiquity” of Mercedes has more “bald” front panel, the BMW – a mechanical adjustment of seats and the same manual 6-speed gearbox. It is only necessary to clarify that “antiquity” with this big “plus” sign. This is now the mechanical box and adjust considered as a budget option, but in those days it was not anything to be ashamed of.

Mercedes E500 W124 pics

Mercedes E500 W124 picture

Yet, the main difference from the BMW 540i E34 Mercedes E500 W124 is not even the sound of the engine and not in a mechanical box and in reactive action on the steering wheel. Mercedes is also being accused of slowness when cornering, but his bagel with lightweight, without exaggeration, the American jet action of the driver keeps a certain distance, making it difficult to fully immerse yourselves in the management process.