Power-Sedans Fight: Lexus vs Saab

December 5, 2012 at 09:06

Let’s look today at the fight of two interesting sedan models that we have recently came across. The new models for our fight are the 2012 Lexus HS250h and another 2012 year model of Saab 9-3 Griffin. These two models are quite interesting, because they are quite rare in European market, but appear quite interesting and worth a really good and precise look, therefore let’s see how today’s fight is going to develop!

2012 Lexus HS250h

2012 Lexus HS250h Pic

The prices of these two models are quite similar, but as Lexus is a little more luxurious model, then its price is justifiable higher. New Lexus HS250h has a price of $37,500, while new Saab got the price of $34,300. Now let’s look at the core of the models. New Lexus got the 2.4-Liter 187-horsepower I4 engine, while new Saab appears to be equipped with lower volume but greater power output, as its core is the 2.0-Liter 220-horsepower I4. Both models come with a front-wheel drive, and both appear to be quite good in driving performance.

2012 Saab 9-3 Griffin

2012 Saab 9-3 Griffin Photo

So all in all, if we are to look at what we have, and not think a lot about the glamour of each model, we find that new Saab is more interesting and worthwhile than new Lexus.

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