Comparative Test: Acura TL and Infiniti G37 Part III

January 15, 2015 at 18:49

Acura TL weighs 112 pounds and has a longer transmission G37 with fewer gears. This was the reason that Acura has demonstrated quite mediocre results during a high-speed test drive. It accelerated to 96 km/h for 6.7 seconds and traveled 400-meter distance in 15 seconds at a speed of 151 km/h.
Almost 60% of the weight of this 1782-pound car is lying on its front wheels. Therefore, we have noticed a rather weak handling balance Acura TL – on sharp turns clearly visible under steer steering.
Powerful four-wheel drive TL sports sedan that provides good maneuverability. Acura gained 0,93g on skid pads and drive through the slalom at a speed of 108 mph. Let’s face it, it’s very good results. Next Acura continued to please us. During the test drive this vehicle brake system took only 32 meters braking distance to a complete stop at a speed of 96 km/h whatever it was, but the 2009 Acura TL SH-AWD – it really is a car with character.

Acura TL  pics

Acura TL image

G37 engine is paired with a truly spectacular new seven-speed automatic transmission. Thanks to this ideal combination of car accelerates to 96 km/h for 5.4 seconds and passes the 400-meter section of the road for 13.7 seconds at the final speed of 164 km/h.

Infiniti G37 pics

Infiniti G37 image

This 1,667-kilogram car has a very (too) hard suspension, due to which loses a little in Acura maneuverability. G37 scored 0,91g on skid pad and drove through the slalom at the best speed of 110 mph. Its solid sports package option provides good handling Infiniti and steering clear response. No under steer (as in the case of TL) we did not notice.