Trucks to the Rescue: Toyota vs Chevrolet

August 11, 2012 at 09:30

Even though the fight between trucks may not seem so exciting for you, we truly think that it is an absolute must to see the truck fight in order to understand how the famous car brands compete with each other in different sectors and car types. So today we have a great fight between two 2012 models, so in the left corner we have Toyota Tacoma regular cab pickup and in the right corner ready to fight back is Chevrolet Colorado of the same trim type.

2012 Toyota Tacoma Photo

2012 Toyota Tacoma Image

If we start with the price, we can see that trucks are also quite an affordable car type, as their prices are less than $25,000. For new Toyota you will have to pay only $18,425 and for the Chevrolet you will have to give a little more, something around $20,370. Now let’s see the core of these two cars. As Toyota is majorly known for the comfort and safety as we expected it got the 2.7L 159hp I4, not that big of a volume and just enough hp, Chevrolet on the other side got 2.9L 185hp I4. Certainly a better power engine, but is it really worth it? On the fuel economy both of the models are quite at the same level. Particularly in the city they can go 18-19 mpg, while on the highway the figures are 24-25 mpg.

2012 Chevrolet Colorado Photo

2012 Chevrolet Colorado Pic

So in the end we must say that lean management works well for Toyota, and therefore it wins this fight!