The fight of leaders: Volkswagen Golf and Toyota Auris

November 22, 2014 at 14:32

Today we are going to compare to cool affordable cars: Volkswagen Golf, Toyota Auris. German hatchback looks stressed strict – very serious. A Toyota seems similar to the one-volume compact van, causing a feeling of a very roomy car. The salon of Toyota Auris, looks easier although it has the front panel finish leather. The factory assembly quality is up to par. And there are no complaints to ergonomics.
Well, the Volkswagen Golf is still the leader – in the quality of materials, and in the level of cabin panels fit and in ergonomics. Even paddle levers look like works of art. Here are the most informative tools and high-quality graphics interface screen.

Volkswagen Golf picture

Volkswagen Golf pics

As for the seat, at the “German” it is more comfortable; even though traditionally batten down the front of the cushion, forcing moves closer to the pedals. And only Golf tilts adjustable backrest wheel levers, unlike its competitors, which is not so convenient to use. However, the Toyota chair is very similar to the Volkswagen’s one – both form and geometry of the landing – as if it was copied.

Toyota Auris pics

Toyota Auris picture

The biggest luggage compartment volume has Toyota. However, when folding the second row seats, it forms a step, but it is small. Volkswagen trunk is slightly smaller, and the floor in his flat.