Small Vehicles Fight: Volkswagen vs Dodge vs Toyota

September 17, 2012 at 10:18

Today we decided to have a fight between three models. We know that it is not that common, but we love to see the mass clashing, as they appear to be more interesting. The fight for today will involve three great models that are competing in the small car segments. These three models even though very different, are usually put together when one is thinking about a little volume, small in size and quite economic car from the newest generation. So today we have a fight between 2013 year model Volkswagen Golf R that will clash with 2013 Dodge Dart and the third for today is 2013 Toyota Yaris.

Volkswagen Golf R Pic

2013 Volkswagen Golf R Pic

The fight starts with price. As we thought, small cars, small prices, but this is not the case with Volkswagen, apparently Germans wanted more for their quality and long tradition of auto-making, therefore in general for new Golf R one would have to pay at least twice as much as for the other small car available on the market. The price tag on new Golf R is $33,900. New Dodge Dart of the year 2013 is already as popular as one could imagine, therefore its price is also quite high, you can get it for about $16,000. New Toyota Yaris appears to be least expensive of them all, as its price is set at $14,500.

2013 Dodge Dart Image

2013 Dodge Dart Image

This is it for today; we’ll see the continuing of the fight tomorrow!