Mazda3 vs. Honda Civic: extensive test drive Part III

February 21, 2015 at 16:11

We are going further:trunks
The Honda vehicle has 440 liters; the Mazda car has a little less – 414 liters. Honda Civic slightly benefits from an inch wider opening tailgate, and both cars the rear seatbacks can be folded out of the trunk. A big plus of Mazda3 car is that the trunk can be opened from the outside without a key, and inside there is a convenient handle for closing. In Civic opens only with the remote control or from inside the cabin and no handle no.

Honda Civic picsHonda Civic picture

Honda Civic picsHonda Civic picture

Acceleration and deceleration
According initial data, the Honda Civic is faster Mazda3 in the 0-100 km / h – 10.8 to 11.6. In direct comparison it turned out to be quite the opposite. Mazda3 is very close to the passport indicators – 10.7 and Civic same could not give less than 12 seconds, as we have not tried. Acceleration carried from the scene without holding brake, many times in automatic mode transmissions that after several attempts to tell the motor spun almost to the cutoff.

Mazda3 picture

Mazda3 pics

With braking opposite picture, if Honda repeatedly stop from a speed of 60 km / h to a dead stop in less than 10 m and showed the best result of 9.4 meters, the Mazda3 unpleasantly surprised too long stopping by – 12.1 meters. And this is the best result.
As a result of accelerated better Mazda3, but the brakes – Honda Civic.