Mazda3 vs. Honda Civic: extensive test drive Part I

February 17, 2015 at 16:03

Two Japanese sedans, two direct competitors: Mazda3 and Honda Civic came together in direct opposition to the comparative test drive. Who quickly dispersed, and who better brakes, whose grade richer and which machine is best managed? We find out in the comparative test Mazda3 1.5 AT against the Honda Civic 1.8 AT.
Here is a comparative test drive Mazda3 sample 2013 with 1.5 liter engine in the top-end configuration Touring + and automatic transmission and Honda Civic 1.8 in the same top-end configuration ES Plus and also with an automatic transmission.

Mazda3 picture

Mazda3 pics

Both Japanese cars are sedans with petrol engines, with a gun in comparable trim and for comparable money.

Honda Civic picture

Honda Civic pics

The design of Honda Civic this generation was interesting at the time of release, and for several years, but in 2011 an interim update has been not very successful, so much so that a year later the car updated again. But that it is, in my opinion, not too helped, Civic remained virtually such as was. Fresh Mazda3 also absorbed all the best from the new design style of the company Mazda, which looks great on the crossover CX-5, and the big sedan Mazda6. Hatch and Mazda3 sedan looks very, very cool. Even in too gray color.
In this case Mazda’s appearance invariably wins without options.