Mazda 6 and KIA Optima: Emotions and calculation Part V

December 10, 2014 at 22:18

Korean sedan is also not ideal for driving comfort, but after Mazda you can literally take inside of the cart a break from shaking and howling tires. However, it was established more “silent” rubber, and it is difficult to say that it would be under identical tires, as soundproofing wheel arches and here is rather weak. Suspension compared with Mazda is softer and supple overcomes bumps, but still decent shakes riders, with noticeable vertical movement that results in an undulating road strong buildup. In these circumstances, the Japanese car behaves preferable because it does not sway at all, although this does not save him from losing on the part of driving comfort.

KIA Optima interior  2014 pics

KIA Optima interior 2014 picture

If you close your eyes on its sophisticated appearance and comfortable interior, it turns out that Kia Optima, as the name implies, has a more optimal performance. First of all it concerns the chassis settings: the Japanese sedan is turned too uncompromising.

Mazda 6 2014 interior pics

Mazda 6 2014 interior picture

However, we often complain that modern cars have lost some of its charm precisely because of excessive balance due “incarcerated” for the average consumer, which increases sales, but reduces the level of their personality.