Mazda 6 and KIA Optima: Emotions and calculation Part IV

December 8, 2014 at 22:00

According to the stability on the highway – it’s parity. Both machines hold the line perfectly at high speed and on rails moving in gentle bends. On the winding road Mazda goes forward. Japanese sedan goes flat, almost without allowing banks to attack turns speeds to reach Kia. “Korean” car in the same conditions heels and slightly annoys when routing the buildup of a bend in a bend. As for Mazda, it seemed like it irons roadbed: the feeling that no force can bring it down from the planned trajectory. Mazda 6 in behavior can be traced Teutonic thoroughness and accuracy like German cars. But the skin on the steering wheel is still too slippery.

KIA Optima  2014 pics

KIA Optima 2014 picture

However, for the well maneuverability you will have to pay, and in the case of Mazda, this price is very high. It’s about the ride: the driver and passengers, even on a flat road feel invisible eye irregularities, and so on broken pavement sensations are such as if you are on a shaker. And even great energy intensity is not enough. In our opinion, these settings are good for smooth European motorways. And once again we’ll complain about the weak noise insulation wheel arches (if not its absence): the tire hum can be heard at any speed and real hard tensor tympanums. Front and rear seat passengers sometimes being forced into a scream to listen to each other.

Mazda 6 2014 pics

Mazda 6 2014 picture

According to this parameter with the advent of a new generation of Japanese models, little has changed.