Mazda 6 and KIA Optima: Emotions and calculation Part III

December 6, 2014 at 21:42

Judging by the passport data, the luggage compartment of Kia has a larger volume. In reality, the difference is small: the trunk Mazda longer but less deep. But the Japanese sedan boasts a flat floor when seatbacks of the second row are folded, while step turns at the “Korean” car.
Automatic Transmission of Mazda also has not a sport mode, but it needed it less. Its 2.5-liter engine, which has a Skyactive ideology, the sedan accelerates almost any speed; pleasing sound cheerful at the “top” and only when “kick down” the hitch seems too big. But on the whole “machine” at Mazda runs faster and smoother than the Kia.

KIA Optima interior  2014 pics

KIA Optima interior 2014 picture

But when the accelerator pedal is damped the Japanese sedan is noticeably stronger, which conceals the sense of dynamics. But the brakes are perfect. The deceleration is very intense and perfectly dosed accurately. However, the Korean car in this parameter is almost as good as Japanese, except that a little bit in the information content of the drive.

Mazda 6 2014 interior pics

Mazda 6 2014 interior picture

Steering in Kia on the quality is more pleasant – its “bagel” resists more natural. The steering wheel of the Japanese sedan has not an artifice plaque – perhaps because of excessive weight. From stop to stop it makes about 2.5 turns (3 turns in Kia), but over-acuteness in habits is not felt. In the urban setting Korean car is perceived more maneuverable due to easy steering and significantly smaller turning radius.