Mazda 6 and KIA Optima: Emotions and calculation Part II

December 4, 2014 at 21:26

If Korean and Japanese manufacturers will continue in the same spirit, soon the German premium sedans will have to be equal to them on the quality of finishing materials. Doors in both cars are closed to the road, “thoroughbred” sound, plastic on the front doors and windowsills soft and very expensive for the type, quality of the fit of parts is almost perfect, and the various knobs, buttons and levers move and pressed with a pleasant, elastic resistance. In general, the leader in interior decoration, we could not be detected: both players in this respect are good. And its ergonomics are at a high level.

Mazda 6 2014  pics

Mazda 6 2014 picture

When driving in traffic jams an accelerator pedal from the Korean sedan is “nervous”, it is not easy to adjust, even after several days of riding: There are no reaction to the “gas” at first, and the next moment the car leaps forward. So you have to be cautious, not to enter the “feed” of the car in front. But with the growth of speed the nervousness is eroding, Acceleration Control returns to normal, the engine pulls intensively rather big sedan in any engine speed range, there is no annoying sound.

KIA Optima 2014 pics

KIA Optima 2014 picture

Automatic transmission works smoothly and adequately, although sometimes you have to regret the absence of the sport mode. However, to “spur” car, you can use the manual mode shift.