Ford Mondeo vs VW Passat (В6)

November 8, 2014 at 14:42

We are going to compare the consumer properties of both models in the most popular versions of the sedan. Important Ford trump – more headroom for legs of rear passengers – low people can even sit with their legs crossed. At the same time at the overall the width of models are the same. On the back seats three people can be normally fitted. All Mondeo models have front-wheel drive. Passat also has four-wheel drive modifications 4Motion. Need to say that the transmission 4Motion is completely secure. Ford’s
front suspension is more long-running – most of the details serve 150-200 000 km.

Ford Mondeo pictures

Ford Mondeo image

The thrust bearings racks may creak when steering after 60 000 km. Silent blocks of front levers of VW Passat will be needed to change at 45 000 – 60 000 km, and in the area of 100 000 km can fail “gum” of front sub frame.

VW Passat picture

VW Passat pics

We would recommend the Ford Mondeo for pragmatic buyers who are guided by calculation not emotions, when choosing auto. VW Passat is a car for people who like active riding. He is endowed with excellent running characteristics and powerful engines provide good dynamics. Quality salon, rich equipment, practicality and choice of wheel drive versions. Passat loses Ford Mondeo only for lots of weaknesses and higher cost.