Effordable car’s fight: Renault Logan and Hyundai Solaris

November 20, 2014 at 20:41

Renault Logan second generation got a new body and a redesigned interior, and upgraded suspension to improve handling. Let’s see, is it enough to defeat the sedan Hyundai Solaris.
Korean Solaris has also prepared, though, by the planned modernization. The car has now updated grille, headlights, bumper “fog lamp” and taillights. In addition, the front bumper is now equipped with daytime running lights. Mirrors are bigger now, and there are side lights mounted in the housing indicator. There are also new exterior colors. Salon in general remained the same, and the new multifunction steering wheel can be noted as changes (on the expensive versions), pockets in the rear doors, the modified seat upholstery, audio system with touch screen and soft door armrests. In addition, the interior is now decorated with a high quality plastic.

Hyundai Solaris pics

Hyundai Solaris picture

Renault Logan uses a platform of its precursor that does not prevent it to be called the new model. His body is no longer such awkward, but it is still not possible to call it elegant (unlike Solaris with its fluid, dynamic forms). If you look at the side of Logan, it is clear that the architecture of the body is the same as before. Hence, the interior dimensions have not changed. It appeared with stiffer suspension and upgraded steering. Though, it has an improved insulation.

Renault Logan image

Renault Logan pics

Hyundai costs considerably more expensive, but it does not prevent him overtake Logan in sales.