Comparative review: Opel Astra H & Astra J part I

January 27, 2015 at 22:19

Opel Astra H is the current compact class car company Opel. The model represents the eighth generation line Kadett / Astra.
In 2004 was published the new Opel Astra – Opel Astra H. This car Opel mass base and additional options. This adaptive electronic control system parameters suspension (IDS Plus), infinitely variable control system of its characteristics (CDC), a simple click can be translated Sport Switch to sport mode the car. There are beam control of headlights (AFL), which is automatically included when the head lights. Another subspecies of the Opel Astra, released in 2004, this Opel Astra GTC (Gran Turismo Compact). GTC is a shorter version on the base of 15 mm. He has short overhangs and more prominent than the other models Astra, aft. Opel Astra GTC – this combat vehicle, it emphasizes the triangular side windows, sloping roof and sidewall powerful.

Opel Astra H pics

Opel Astra H image

Engines from Opel Astra – the five petrol and three diesels equipped with system Common Rail.

Opel Astra J pics

Opel Astra J picture

Their power can be from 90 to 200 hp Can be considered the flagship petrol engine capacity of 200 horsepower 2.0-liter, and among turbo diesel – 1.9-liter engine produces 150 hp With these versions are aggregated six-speed transmission and suspension interactive Interactive Driving System (IDSPLUS), which have electronic control of damping.