Compact Size Hatchbacks Fight: Scion vs Volkswagen

December 21, 2012 at 09:21

Today let’s return to the compact cars are see the fight of the two quite interesting and versatile models that fit into this description. We are going to look into more details in the new modified version of the Scion xD that is dated with the year 2013 and we are also going to see it fighting with already popular and classic compact car the new Volkswagen Golf of the year 2013.

2013 Scion xD

2013 Scion xD Photo

Both cars are considered to be quite affordable, as their prices are not higher than $20,000. The price for new Scion is just a little higher than $17,500, and it is even a little surprising but even Volkswagen Gold is more expensive than the new Scion, as it has the price of $17,900. The core of a new Scion is 2.4-Liter 158-horsepower I4, while new Volkswagen Golf is equipped with the 2.5-Liter 170-horsepower I5. Therefore we see that with just $200 increase in price we can get more power. We can also get higher fuel economy, as new Volkswagen Golf offers 23 mpg in the city and 33 mpg on the highway, while new Scion falls a little behind in terms of this.

2013 Volkswagen Golf

2013 Volkswagen Golf Photo

So in the end it seems that new Volkswagen Golf is a better deal, than new Scion, even though both cars are quite interesting. But just new Golf is more value for the same money!

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