Car’s fight: Audi A5 and Skoda Octavia

November 28, 2014 at 23:57

If you take a look at these cars closely, a lot of striking similarities reveal. This is especially true of the engine: in both models of VW function identical 2.0 TDI 150 hp. The only fundamental difference is that the power unit A5 is not installed transversely and longitudinally. But as practice shows, the longitudinal arrangement has absolutely no excuse. Both cars are available only in front-wheel version and can be equipped with automatic transmission. In Skoda client receives a box of double-clutch DSG, in the Audi – steeples Multitronic.

Skoda Octavia pics

Skoda Octavia picture

But the decisive argument in favor of Octavia is its obvious advantage on the road. It is in motion far exceeds Skoda A5, as it’s by a good 200 kg lighter. This gives the opportunity to demonstrate the much better acceleration performance and flexibility. It can accelerate for one second faster than Audi. And then the gentleman from Ingolstadt has an awkward look in his posh steel suit.

Audi A5 pics

Audi A5 picture

Trunk volume and payload also cannot be an argument for supporters A5 Sportback – both of these options is still better at Skoda. Of course, there are certain advantages and Audi. It has a long body and a large base, boasts smooth, elegant shapes and looks more presentable compared with angular Skoda. But in the daily operation of the two families are sharing not this much.