Seat Lean Fighting with Opel Golf

January 26, 2013 at 09:49

In essence Seat Leon is the same Opel Golf GTI, but with more striking design and, as it turned out, a little more ‘melancholic” .Who decided to buy new Golf GTI will experience heightened joy of driving, but will have to sacrifice some family qualities of that machine. Seat with his model Leon FR, where the letters stand for “Formula Racing”, proves that there is a model with great front-drive that best fulfills the balancing act between sportiness and practicality.

2013 Opel  Golf GTI

2013 Opel Golf GTI Photo

At the appointed time, both model, with the same turbo motors and DSG, softly crackling with direct injection at idle, were peering intently at the track. Golf GTI is cool, as if it had just passed the standard GTO – it is always ready to work and ride and provide you with everything that you may require from this car. Leon seems to be the other model, like a real metrosexual. It has an elegant look, hidden to the rack rear door handles and stylish lights “a la Alfa Romeo.” And you are thinking about color, better choose any but not black, so as to see the contrasting black grille at the bottom of the bumper.

2013 Seat Leon FR

2013 Seat Leon FR Photo

Meanwhile, our soldiers are technically twins. 2-liter engine produce 211-hp and have 280 Nm level of torgue. So all in all, we have to name the winner, and we for sure think that it is new Opel Golf GTI.

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