Test drive: Mercedes-Benz GL-Class and Land Rover Range Rover Part II

February 1, 2015 at 15:52

In contrast to the Range Rover, which is using a completely new platform, Mercedes-Benz GL is built on a platform of its model predecessor, but it has “lost” weight (about 90 kg) thanks to an aluminum wishbone of front suspension and the front crossmember support of the magnesium alloy.
In addition, as a rival, the new GL got active anti-roll bars Both cars as standard with air suspension In short, the battle is planned very serious.
To get inside the Range Rover, you need to climb the high threshold and slightly bend your head – because of the very high floor roof is relatively low.

Land Rover Range Rover pics

Land Rover Range Rover picture

Inside, compared to the previous generation was much less buttons and keys, and its design is pleasing smooth clean lines. There are throughout leather and wood – plastic basically only on accessories. You feel like the lord in the castle.

Mercedes-Benz GL-Class pics

Mercedes-Benz GL-Class picture

And, of course, impressive royal landing at the wheel Range Rover – sit high, looking away. And the visibility is great not only because of the high location above the floor, but at the expense of body thin pillars and huge mirrors. Elegant, pretty easy chair has an excellent profile and a convenient head.

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