Japanese SUVs Fight: Toyota vs Honda

December 13, 2012 at 09:15

Big Sport Utility Vehicles are always very impressive and great to follow up, as they usually can surprise us with some design or specifications. Today we will look at two Japanese SUVs that are going to offer us something new and different. The contestants for today are the 2013 SUV of Toyota – the new Venza, and on the other side we have 2013 Honda Pilot. Let’s get the fight started!

2013 Honda Pilot

2013 Honda Pilot Image

In terms of prices the cars differ quite substantially. New Toyota will cost $27,700, which is quite ok for a new SUV of this class, while new Honda asks about $31,100. This where we and other customers can become a little skeptical, but let’s look further, into the cars’ cores. New Toyota is equipped with 2.7-Liter 181-hp I4 engine, just perfect for a busy city-life. New Honda in turn thought that this will not be enough, as its engine is a new 3.5-Liter 250-horsepower V6 one. In terms of fuel economy new Toyota is of course more economic, and offer 4 miles per gallon more both in the city and on the highway, compared to Honda.

2013 Toyota Venza

2013 Toyota Venza Model Photo

So in the end, no matter how we like new Pilot model, it seems that new Toyota is more practical, therefore it wins the fight!

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