BMW X3 with Audi Q5: “Goals and Means” Part I

December 28, 2014 at 23:40

For a test drive, we have gathered the most powerful versions of crossovers. This means that the Audi Q5 has 3-liter petrol engine with capacity of 272 hp with the compressor, and the BMW X3 has 3-liter turbo diesel, developing 313 hp. Different capacities and different concepts. Let’s see who will win.
Landing at the wheel of Audi Q5 – its seat is just exemplary. It’s pretty tough, but its shape literally follows the contours of the body. The interior design is traditional for a car of this brand. The same can be said about the quality: impeccable fit panels and materials look very expensive.

BMW X3 2014 interior pics

BMW X3 2014 interior picture

However, the touch is that the hard plastic is a bit much. Ergonomics is excellent, except for the key interface MMI – located at the bottom of the center console, they are forced to be distracted from the road.

Audi Q5 2014 interior pics

Audi Q5 2014 interior picture

The front seats in the BMW X3, the softest and less convenient than the competitor has. The “bagel” of steering is thick which is not liked by everybody. Interior trim looks easier than the opponent, and the plastic has a rough texture. But to the touch, this plastic is almost like clay. Furthermore, X3 is made of soft material, not only the top, but the bottom and front panels. Ergonomics are the best. Devices are most informative and iDrive interface allows you to use keys blindly.

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