BMW X3 with Audi Q5: “Goals and Means” Part II

December 30, 2014 at 23:43

Two “extra” cylinders in combination with a mechanical compressor Audi work wonders. Inexhaustible thirst is always available, reaction to the “gas” is timely and accurate, and the 8-band “machine” as if reading the thoughts of the driver, including each time he needed gear. In sport mode, the same crossover turns into a small sports car, instantly rushing to the horizon after pressing the accelerator pedal, while the resilient brake pedal provides precise deceleration.
BMW responds to pedal “gas” a little bit calmer, irrepressible craving, and “automatic” even more smooth and efficient than the Audi. Turbo diesel produces virtually no vibration at idle, the move can be heard only in the “top”, and the voice of his noble.

Audi Q5 2014 pics

Audi Q5 2014 picture

In sport mode, the pedal “gas” becomes very acute, and X3 are not behind Q5, though Audi is perceived easier and lively car. The brakes of the BMW tuned perfectly.

BMW X3 2014 pics

BMW X3 2014 picture

On the highway Audi Q5 is almost unmoved. Only those wide tires make optional crossover slightly go off the road in the ruts, but otherwise superb driving stability. BMW, contrary to rutting and hardly reacts at high speed for at least stable. And if the suspension, steering and gearbox (with the accelerator pedal) translate into sport mode, it will go to the winding road no less quickly than the Audi.

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